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The School of Cultural Creativity facilitates creative and democratic education in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. SoCC is a not-for-profit, for-purpose social enterprise, registered as a company limited by guarantee with ASIC, and registered as a charity with the ACNC.

The aim of SoCC is to enable students who need a more creative approach in their education to maximise their capacity to learn, grow and achieve in light of who they are, through the creative process rather than traditional academic processes.

SoCC offers Farm School for preschool-aged children, The Tribe for home schooled primary-aged children, and is working with consistent and energised effort to open the Maxwell primary school at the beginning of 2018.

With a community of over five hundred interested families, mentors from around the world, and current and futurist research, our vision to build a contemporary learning space for children who need a creative approach to their education, looks increasingly promising.

We hope to meet you one day, learn about your desires for your children’s education, and help your child grow as a shining bright star and life-long creative learner.

PLEASE NOTE: Jane is currently in New York attending the Alternative Education Resources Organisation (AERO) Conference. If you have any pressing concerns between now and Wednesday August 9th, please contact either Cass on programs@schoolofculturalcreativity.com, Jacqui on media@@schoolofculturalcreativity.com or Deb at Aquila Acres on 0411 868 234.

Enrolment now open… Maxwell primary school

Are you considering enrolling your child in Maxwell, for 2018 or in the future?

If you are, please complete our Pre-enrolment Form as soon as possible. It’s a simple online form.

This will help us get the ball rolling on your child’s enrolment.

So… where to from here?

  1. Please fill in the Pre-enrolment Form and return it to us as soon as possible.
  2. Attend our next community meeting (TBA) if you can, for questions and answers.
  3. Complete enrolment forms early October, with a full outline of the school’s facilities, policies and fees; and
  4. Participate in our new school’s transition program in term 4 if your child is starting next year.

If you have any questions, the best way to get answers is to call Jane directly… 1300 11 66 54.

About the School of Cultural Creativity

The School of Cultural Creativity has been a very special experience for my two daughters early lives. It is a treasure trove of good times, gorgeous people and special memories.

It is a place that they can just be themselves, letting them explore their own creative little minds, and grow confidence in their abilities and their little bodies.

  • SoCC facilitates learning through the creative process
  • SoCC is a democratic school… all participants govern and shape the nature of their school
  • SoCC implements inquiry-based learning that includes projects, problem-solving, collaborative, and studio-based work
  • SoCC offers self-directed learning with every child guided to fulfill an individualised learning program
  • SoCC offers multi-age learning including home groups, compulsory Literacy and Numeracy, and specialist study classes
  • SoCC’s business model integrates social and ecological enterprises in which students participate
  • SoCC facilitates local, national and international community engagement
  • SoCC is founded upon the best global principles and practices in creative education
  • SoCC is always a creative, contemporary and visionary learning community
  • SoCC has four programs… Farm School, The Tribe, Come and Play Days, and is opening the Maxwell primary school

Programs for children

Come and Play Days

For pre-schoolers

Come and Play Days are sessions that imitate Farm School. They are designed for families of children aged 0 – 6 years who cannot participate in the regular weekly Farm School program. The focus and activities are the same as Farm School, and include a democratic meeting at the beginning of the session where the children are asked what it is they would like to do on the farm. Held monthly, families from the community can book for as many sessions as they wish.

Farm School

For pre-schoolers

Farm School is SoCC’s uniquely designed early years program for children aged 0 – 6. Based on the farm, children experience various ecological and social ways of being through activities including animal care, nature-art projects and land-care, encouraging the children to build upon their innate creative natures. Farm School is a democratic, child-directed, parent stay, nature-based program that is held weekly for enrolled families.

The Tribe

For home and un-schoolers

The Tribe is for children aged 6 – 11, where ‘presence is valued and ownership is involved’. They intersect their learning journeys by exploring their ideas for things they are interested in, and working democratically and collaboratively on projects benefiting the community, engaging with farm work, reflecting and planning, and preparing afternoon tea… learning through the lens of environmental and social education.

Maxwell Primary School

For primary-aged children

SoCC is working towards launching the Maxwell Primary School at the beginning of 2018. Consistent with its values of creative education, the school will offer:

  • a creative environment and culture
  • inquiry-based and project-based learning
  • multi-age classes
  • individualised learning programs
  • democratic governance, and
  • community engagement.

Where we are

The School of Cultural Creativity runs its programs in the Yarra Valley, to the east of Melbourne, Australia.

Aquila Acres… Wandin North in the Yarra Valley

The childrens’ programs including

  • Farm School,
  • Come and Play Days and
  • The Tribe

are held at our partner’s farm called Aquila Acres. We utilise their community center that caters for a range of community programs and events. Aquila Acres is at 22 Rodger Road, Wandin North, Victoria.

Aquila Acres offers a huge variety of pre-booked farm experiences including equine therapy, horse-riding and agistment, pony parties for children, and they host farm-stay holidays in their beautiful, two bedroom Bed and Breakfast called the Stable House. Find more information at http://www.aquilaacres.com.

Please donate

Creative education is best for about 25% of our society’s children but it’s a very expensive form of education to offer… especially when we are building from scratch. Donations make all the difference to our capacity to deliver a creative school to our community.

donations button

Would you select a particular fund to give to? They are:

  • land acquisition fund… to secure just the right parcel of land
  • scholarship fund… to educate children whose families cannot afford to pay school fees
  • building and facilities fund… to build our hand-made and high-tech facilities
  • materials and equipment fund… to purchase up-to-date, if not visionary, equipment

Donations of between $5 and $50,000 can be made here.

Thank you so much for considering donating!

love, Jane