Hey, at SoCC  we empower kids’ creativity & uplift creative adults!

The School of Cultural Creativity’s aim is to empower children (and adults) who prefer and benefit from a creative approach in their education  to learn, grow, and achieve in light of who they are.

SoCC facilitates democratic and creative educational experiences on farming environments in Cockatoo and Wandin North, in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. We are a not-for-profit, for-purpose social enterprise, and a registered charity .

With a community of over a hundred creatives, five hundred interested families, mentors from around the world, and current and futurist research, our vision to offer you transformational education is here!

SoCC  is Unique!

  • learning through the creative process
  • democratic… everyone governs, designs, and shapes SoCC
  • inquiry through projects, collaborative, and studio work
  • self-directed learning
  • multi-age classes
  • facilitates the Australian curriculum
  • integrates social and ecological enterprises
  • local, national, and international community engagement
  • best global creative education principles and practices
  • a creative, contemporary and visionary learning community

The Latest News!

Maxwell enrolments are now open!

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School Transition Program – term 4!

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