Hey, at SoCC  we empower kids’ creativity & uplift creative adults!

The School of Cultural Creativity empowers children (and adults) who prefer a creative education to learn, grow, and achieve in light of who they are.

Our community experiences the best of creative education on farming environments in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

We are a not-for-profit, for-purpose social enterprise, and a registered charity.

ACNC Registered Charity Tick

SoCC  is Unique!

  • learning through the creative process
  • democratic… everyone governs, designs, and shapes SoCC
  • inquiry through projects, collaborative, and studio work
  • self-directed learning
  • multi-age classes
  • facilitates the Australian curriculum
  • integrates social and ecological enterprises
  • local, national, and international community engagement
  • best global creative education principles and practices
  • a creative, contemporary and visionary learning community

The Latest News!

Maxwell for 2019

Most sadly, we won’t be opening Maxwell primary school in 2018.

The VRQA have let us know that most new schools do not receive registration from their first application, mostly due to poor enrolment numbers or lack of a suitable site, but these are not our issues. If we are registered, it may be late January at the earliest, due to a generous, recent and lucky financial kick-start, and our planning permit and occupancy certificate which are dragging well into late January.

We do not want children and their families to be in wait for Maxwell that, at the 11th hour, may not be registered. So, the board have decided to withdraw our application for this year and ensure Maxwell is PERFECTLY positioned to open with a wonderful celebration and anticipation of excellence at the beginning of 2019.

SoCC is 110% committed to opening our primary school… we will reapply in 2018 to open in 2019. Please keep in touch with us. Hold on tight!

Survey about 2018

Survey… Where to from here for 2018? 

One of our new areas of development lies in an idea for you and the rest of our creative community… and we would LOVE your feedback.

Okay… so things have changed a bit for us. But, we believe we have found the gift in all of these changes… a perfect opportunity to do what we do better, and to learn more about what we are intending to do so we may do it great!

Would you please take our 3 minute survey, find out about our idea, and tell us if it is what you need and want (and if not, what is?)

Thank you pressie… 
You will be invited to  “What’s the Difference?” on Monday 26th February. Designed just for families participating in our survey, this program is a free and gratitude-filled ‘Thank you’.

It is limited to 24 participants, so the first 24 families to complete the survey will be invited to attend via email on a gift ticket 🙂 and we will register you ourselves. Please see here for more information about the program. 

PD Registration

‘What’s the Difference?’ between schools in Australia?

An increasingly wide range of educational options exist in Australia. We may be the lucky country, but with options comes confusion. It can be extremely difficult for an educator to understand various curricula and pedagogies yet alone explain how theirs is different, and it can also be hard for parents to make decisions between these schools of thought for the purposes of their children.

In this first-of-kind, full-day program, we will understand the differences, and similarities, of our Australian schools from practicing educators representing:

  • academic education (mainstream)
  • creative education
  • Steiner education
  • Montessori education
  • nature education, and
  • home-schooling education

For more information and registration, click here 🙂 


End-of-year Party

We are having and end-of-year party to celebrate all we have done together, and the places we are going.

Thursday 14th December
Seville Water Park 20 Monbulk-Seville Rd, Seville
from 4.30pm.

We’ll have a large picnic with rugs and cushions, so please bring a plate… and there are BBQ’s too… plus, with the committee behind this idea and The Tribe’s input, we sense we’ll have some surprises as well!

Please RSVP here… let us know how many will come, include the children… one RSVP each. Thank you 🙂 


Joining In

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