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School of Cultural Creativity Spaces and Stuff


Our school combines the outdoor spaces of a farm and natural landscape with the indoor space of a studio-style centre.  The combination of the two provides the potential of an amazingly creative experience rich with collaboration, problem solving and self-expression.

SoCc will enjoy a two to three year lease, while we acquire and develop a permanent 45 – 70 acre property more north-west, around Seville.

The Cockatoo site is on 4 acres on the corner of Rainy Hill Rd and Mountain Rd, and has:

  • a brand new school building
  • 3 over-sized classrooms
  • a community gathering space
  • full reception area
  • kitchens in every classroom
  • abundance of bathrooms including disability
  • abundance of storage
  • disability access
  • heating and cooling
  • internet
  • new playground
  • large asphalted basketball area
  • timber storage huts
  • fully fenced dam
  • paddocks for the horses
  • an orchard
  • fenced farming area
  • conservation zones
  • extensive car parking with lights,

just to name a few.


Cultural creativity values items that are:

  • re or up cycled
  • sustainable
  • local
  • handmade.

So, for example, the bulk of our toys are pre-loved, recycled or up-cycled; our timber toys are painted in non-toxic paints and made from sustainable sources where possible, and many are hand-made.

The children’s toys have been attained with the development of creative capabilities in mind. Therefore we have a home kitchen / food / shop space, a dress-ups space with loads of children’s dress-ups and accessories all of which can be worn in the paddocks, dolls houses and train sets to form a village environment, construction toys and tools, many puzzles promoting problem solving, and loads of gardening and building tools.

All art supplies, dress-ups and tools and toys are freely accessed by the children and adults throughout the session and used outside, so they may go with the flow of their ideas without restrictions or limitations.