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School of Cultural Creativity Zentience


So you know we’re building a creative school, right? We’re the first in Australia (I’d go so far as to say the world if I were fully confident) to build a school that educates children through the creative process rather than the academic process.

To do this extremely well… to offer children the experiences creative experience… we need to be learning from creatives.

Zentience offers SoCC an opportunity to learn and grow from the wisdom and experience of creatives, and Zentience offers creatives and opportunity to learn from each other and grow from greater practice.


Why we are here

“ZENTIENCE” … is a networking event… mixed with zen time… to feel, perceive, and experience our passions and processes subjectively. 

We meet, connect, explore, and move forward with our interests, projects, or enterprises bigger and stronger than before.

It is designed for folks in our beautiful Yarra Valley and Ranges who are into social and ecological creativity, for example:

  • the arts 
  • sustainability
  • up and recycling
  • natural health and healing
  • conservation
  • alternative education
  • spirituality
  • natural building
  • communal and tribal activity 
  • deep ecology… one or all of these. 🙂

Our group is also designed to help us find each other… to get to know:

  • who is out there
  • what we each do
  • what we are passionate about, and
  • how we go about our creative work

so we can:

  • share and receive the wisdom of other people’s wisdom and experience
  • support each other in creative and natural lifestyling, and
  • benefit from each other’s culturally creative products and services…

what ever we are wanting or needing.


The focus of each ZENTIENCE is the filmed panel of creatives. The interview-style discussion will be an hour, will be published on YouTube and here on our website and Facebook page, and each session begins with this panel.

The rest of the session includes:

  • visual meditation
  • various creative experiences
  • exploration of your projects and enterprises
  • arrangement of the promotion of your projects and enterprises through SoCC’s online media
  • a meal, and
  • music.


ZENTIENCE will be held from February, 2018

on the last Sunday of the month

from 6pm – 10pm

in the maker-space at the School of Cultural Creativity

6 Rainy Hill Rd, Cockatoo.